When we first began operations as an emerging manufacturer in 1978, our unwavering ambition was to make the best vacuum cleaners in the world.

It was a big ambition.

We surrounded ourselves with the best people, we devoted tireless effort and determination and, most importantly, we never lost sight of where we were headed.

Today, very proudly, Pacvac is sought after as the number one brand by many of the world’s most professional cleaning companies, from dedicated owner-operator businesses through to international corporations. They use Pacvac technology to create productivity gains and deliver cost reductions. They use Pacvac design to ensure comfort, durability and efficiency. They use Pacvac people to provide exceptional service and support.

Today, our ambition is to be the world’s best and provide our global customers with a product offering that is unquestionably, ‘Performance at its peak’.

Pacvac - Design Perfected

Pacvac was certain of the productivity gains to be experienced by wearing a vacuum cleaner and in 1978 delivered a product which did exactly that. An innovative backpack vacuum cleaner, created from basic garage and household items, which would revolutionise the way the world understood efficient cleaning.

Today, we have perfected our craft. Continuous design efforts focused on achieving ultimate ‘wearable’ comfort, durability and efficiency, position Pacvac as the leading manufacturer of backpack vacuum cleaners.

Pacvac - Peace of Mind

Like any true professional, Pacvac takes great pride in delivering quality products, excellent after sales service and most importantly, peace of mind to our customers.

As the manufacturer, we set ourselves apart by bringing ourselves closer to you. Pacvac’s team of dedicated professionals are available to assist with any matter and
provide exceptional service and support directly to our customers.

This support is further enhanced by our extensive Authorised Distributor network. From ongoing product advice to fast turnaround time on spare parts and servicing we are confident that our network will provide you with the highest level of service.

Our role is to ensure we deliver excellence in all areas. We are confident that the products, service and support that only Pacvac provides will deliver exactly that.