Health and Age Care

Our hospitals, aged care facilities and medical centres are environments we consider highly sensitive to germs, bacteria and allergens.

As such, high levels of hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained daily to ensure the safety of patients, staff and all visitors to these facilities. 

Pacvac’s product range includes HEPA rated filters, designed to capture small airborne particles and improve the air quality, for example our Micron can effectively filter out 0.3 micron dust particles.

In these busy, unpredictable environments, accidents and spillages can happen at any moment, making our compact cordless backpack vacuum cleaners extremely convenient to quickly grab to spot clean. 

As easy to use machines that come with free online training at Pacvac Academy, staff at these facilities can easily be trained in how to use the vacuum cleaners to stay on top of high levels of cleanliness between thorough professional cleaning. 

For more information on how Pacvac products can be an asset to health & aged care facilities please contact us.

Health & aged care challenges:

  • High sensitivity to germs, bacteria and allergens
  • Environment prone to unpredictable accidents, spillages and mess
  • Must maintain high levels of cleanliness at all times

Pacvac solutions:

  • HEPA rated filters to filter out small particles & improve air quality
  • Compact & cordless options for quick spot cleaning throughout the day
  • Easy to use for staff to maintain cleanliness between professional cleans

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