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The opportunity

Tucked away between the forest and the sea, you’ll find Karri Mia Bungalows scattered across the rolling hills of Denmark, Western Australia.

As a popular tourist destination, there’s little time between check-ins and check-outs for the bungalows to be turned around, especially when preparing kitchens and bathrooms for new guests.

The solution

Immediately we knew the Superpro duo 700 backpack vacuum would be the machine for this challenge.

Backpack vacuums clean up to three times faster than upright or canister vacuums, and the specialised by-pass motor provides additional motor protection for areas where accidental suction of water may occur.

The outcome

The team at Karria Mia Bungalows are thrilled with their increased productivity and staff safety when cleaning the kitchens and bathrooms of their luxury accommodation.

Using the Superpro duo 700 backpack vacuum saves them time as they race the clock to turnaround the bungalows between guests, without having to worry about accidentally sucking up small amounts of liquid in wet areas.

“You don’t have to continually pick up the machine to move around awkward spaces”

We had been discussing needing a new vacuum at Karri Mia, and were especially interested in Pacvac for several reasons. The backpack vacuum cleaners are more compact and user friendly, so you don’t have to continually pick up the machine to move around awkward spaces, and they’re better for our posture. The Superpro Duo 700 has a long chrome wand so we can work using longer strokes, saves us time between guests and with the clear top we can physically see when you should empty it out, it’s brilliant!” -

Yvette & Jeremy Thomas

Managers at Karri Mia Bungalows and Studios

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