The opportunity

With two luxury clothing boutiques dotted along Perth’s premiere fashion destination, Nilofar Khirzad is the Queen of King street.

Between fitting international clients in her menswear store Khirzad, and unpacking the latest colourful arrivals at Khirzad Femme, Nilofar doesn’t have time for dust.

She was in the market for something small, fast working and stylish, like her.

The solution

It only made sense that Velo would be the perfect fit for this fashion destination. 

A small, compact machine, it can easily be tucked away behind the counter when customers arrive, and taken out for a quick clean up after they leave. 

Ultimately this replaces the dreaded, time-consuming daily vacuum with convenient, quick spot cleans as needed, all cord free of course.

The outcome

A match made in heaven, Nilofar’s new favourite accessory is her Velo. 

Without cords to hold her back, she and her staff enjoy whipping the Velo out to upkeep store presentation, adding to their daily productivity and overall store appearance.

But where Velo really took Nilofar by surprise was it’s aesthetics, as an expert in that field she found the Velo to be luxurious enough to fit right in with her stores.

Khirzad logo white

“Ready to go without cables and wires”

“Velo looks super luxe. A beautiful lush colour, it’s extremely pleasing to the eye without standing out too much as a vacuum cleaner, other vacuum cleaners always look horrendous! In retail, you’ll find the store filled with dust brought in by customers, so to have Velo ready to go without cables and wires, it’s been extremely beneficial to myself and my staff as a time saving device.

Nilofar Khirzad

Owner fashion designer at Kirzad menswear & Khirzad Femme

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