The opportunity

Greater Anglia trains travel throughout the UK at 160km/h every day, so it’s no surprise they came to us in need of a vacuum cleaner that could keep up. With limited time between train journeys, cleaners needed a machine that would allow them to give the carriage a quick but thorough clean

The solution

We introduced Greater Anglia to our latest cordless battery machine, Velo. 

Velo weighs just 4.6kg, and as a compact machine, it allows the user to easily walk through the trains reaching tight spaces to clean on top of, under seats, and between luggage racks and other small spaces that were previously challenging to clean.

The outcome

Greater Anglia invested in an arsenal of Velo machines to be used by their cleaning staff on board their trains. With no cord to drag around, or power points to move between, this battery backpack vacuum cleaner increased the productivity of their cleaning staff, enabling them to achieve an effective clean that was fast enough to keep up with tight turnaround times.

“being lightweight this helps our colleagues and not having the cords makes it much easier all round”

We find Velo very useful as often we are working in train stabling yards where we have to take our equipment to the trains, being lightweight this helps our colleagues and not having the cords makes it much easier all round. Our cleaning colleagues like using the Velo; we feel it is likely the best choice out there currently, and we have confidence that Pacvac are the professionals in this field and are always looking for feedback to ensure ongoing development of their product.

Peter Tyler

Head of Train Presentation at Greater Anglia

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