News · April 15, 2019

Pacvac unveils new logo

Pacvac unveils new logo

Today we unveil a new brand identity and redesigned logo.  

Marking the most significant change in its visual identity in 18 years, the new look comes at a time when the company is growing its technology, product offering, reach and service.  

Pacvac Head of Marketing, Urvin Seeburuth said change is inevitable and the new look embraces the organisation’s values by putting the customer at the centre of its focus.  

Pacvac Old logo
Old Logo
New pacvac logo 2019
New logo

“Forty years ago, Pacvac started out as a small business out of the back of a garage in Perth. It’s now a global leader in commercial backpack vacuum cleaners that are used by customers in more than 20 countries across the world.  

“Just like we need to reinvent ourselves to move forward, Pacvac’s product roadmap is going for gold. The new look for Pacvac is more refined and distinctive, but still contains the history, spirit and knowledge of the original.  

“Our new logo and brand identity are a salute to what we stand for while also still paying homage to our heritage with the use of blue and white as the main colours.  

“Using the Fibonacci sequence (golden ratio), the Pacvac logo has been constructed to achieve beauty, elegance, balance and harmony.   

“The main blue circle represents our planet and acts as a reminder of how important it is to take care of it. The inner lines represent transformation and development through movement and fluidity. While the middle circle signifies our consumers – the ones who are transforming the world into a cleaner place by using Pacvac products.   

“We’ve taken the keep it simple approach, and just like our logo, our new font and brand identity is clean, light and modern. Hopefully overall, our new look is also more recognisable,” Urvin said.   

In-house graphic designer, Rafael Maia, created Pacvac’s new logo that will be rolled out across all new products, digital and physical properties, including a new website in coming months. Existing product inventory will continue to use the current logo during the transition period.