News · May 30, 2020

Say hello to Pacvac’s new Velo!

Say hello to Pacvac’s new Velo!

Introducing Pacvac’s new cordless backpack vacuum cleaner, Velo.  

The industry leaders have done it again, launching a new and innovative backpack vacuum that redefines efficient cleaning.   

Velo will be hitting shelves and sweeping across the cleaning world throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe from April 2020.   


With all aspects of the vacuum designed holistically, Velo is the pinnacle of battery-operated vacuum cleaners. 

Velo’s compact size, comfortable fit and long battery runtime create unparalleled versatility across a vast array of cleaning applications, truly revolutionising the industry standard of ergonomic and efficient cleaning. 

The machine achieves superior suction power and performance from the vacuum’s 21L per second intake of volumetric airflow, and a brushless motor provides a high power to weight ratio meaning higher speeds and an extended motor life. 

Featuring a pre-motor filter and optional extras like sealed disposable paper bags, Velo achieves a 4 stage filtration leaving air cleaner than it finds it.  

Velo users will benefit from its core features enabling comfort, manoeuvrability and efficiency amongst others These include: 

  • lightweight, 4.6kg with ergonomic backpack features 
  • superior suction power 
  • lengthy battery runtime of up to 50 minutes 
  • slimline side profile and overall compact footprint
  • commercial-grade manufacture 
  • 4-Stage filter and sealed disposable paper bag 
  • convenient wand storage 
  • overall user-friendly and intuitive design. 

“Velo aligns with our company ethos of delivering products which are durable, reliable and able to withstand tough commercial environments” stated Ms Donna Rothwell, Pacvac Executive Director. 

“We believe that Pacvac’s new Velo is unparalleled with its perfect harmony of performance, versatility and size – truly delivering the most enjoyable way to vacuum” said Ms Rothwell. 

With over 40 years of delivering continuous innovation by way of backpack vacuuming solutions, Pacvac remains the standout leader in the commercial cleaning industry.  

The company's ethos is focused on designing and manufacturing products encompassing the latest technology, product longevity and superior overall ergonomics, leaving customers assured that Velo will deliver on all fronts.  

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