2022, too good to be true

2022, too good to be true

In true Pacvac style, 2022 was a year packed with company growth, award nominations, exciting product developments and food. Lots and lots of food. 

When our staff weren't perusing the snack bar in marketing, organising group UberEats orders or planning after work dinners, here’s a wrap up of a few things they got up to!

The Pacvac family has recruited over 12 roles since July, and the marketing team in particular were very excited to welcome four new staff to create the full stack in-house marketing & PR team of their dreams!

The Pacvac pool room is filling up after awards season this year, including Velo’s nomination for a Tomorrow’s Cleaning Award, and this year’s ORIAS awards.

The product department has been busy working away on exciting product developments to be launched next year - stay tuned! 

The warehouse team set some personal bests this year, having smashed out the highest record set for dispatch for our domestic customers with 37 pallets going out in one day, and an additional record for the online store with more than 140 packages being dispatched in a single day!

A special shoutout has to be made to our beloved Nando from the warehouse team who celebrated his 32 year working anniversary with Pacvac in 2022, along with Michael Loh celebrating his 7 years and Nolan Smith a whopping 28 years!

Across the various ponds we were excited to see expansion and growth in both New Zealand and in the UK with new distributors and staff working towards more brand awareness and stockists abroad.

We were so grateful to our incredible customers and clients for so many raving reviews about their experience with us and our products, and whilst it was hard we’ve picked our top 5 reviews to share.

But quite possibly the greatest review we received this year was spotting our Pacvac backpack vacuum cleaner adorning the balcony of Buckingham Palace, preparing for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and showing us that our products are fit for a Queen!

We are proud to have taken further steps in our sustainability journey! In addition to using less plastic in our packaging and in the production of Velo, we’ve now rolled out our more eco-friendly packaging across more products in our range, and incorporated recycled materials into our backpack vacuum harnesses. 

So that was 2022! A big year of growth both internally and abroad setting us up for an even bigger year in 2023 with so much exciting product developments to share. 

From all of us here at Pacvac, we wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season!

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