We are on a sustainable journey!

By 2050 our oceans could contain more plastic than fish, so we're minimising our plastic use at Pacvac.

Recycled cardboard saves





5-7 times

Can be recycled upto 5-7 times

3 months

Take only 3 months to breakdown

How we are helping

In the past
  • Substantial polystyrene and plastic waste

  • Multicolour print with extensive use of ink

  • Bleached cardboard box with glossy coating

  • Easy to miss recycling symbol

Future-focused practices
  • No polystyrene and less single-use plastic waste

  • Monochromatic print with less ink

  • Raw brown cardboard with no toxic coating

  • Clear recycling message and symbol

Playing our role in sustainability

Ease the cardboard recycling process

Reduce cardboard contamination rate

More eco-friendly supply chain

Promote higher levels of sustainability