Velo takes the UK

Velo takes the UK

Public transportation services across the UK are cleaning up their act as Coronavirus restrictions slowly start to lift in the United Kingdom. 

With more people allowed to return to work, the British Government has outlined several steps for safe travel to combat the spread of the virus as more people start to use public transport once again. 

These steps include strict social distancing guidelines displayed and enforced on board trains and buses, as well as both patrons and staff being encouraged to wear face-coverings.  

Greater Anglia trains have responded to these guidelines by rolling out their own thorough precautions as part of their Safer Travel Pledge, including hand sanitisers installed at every staffed station, screens between ticket machines and a £100 fine for not wearing a face-covering on stations and trains unless they are exempt. 

“We’ve researched what’s the best possible equipment for us,” says Martin Moran of Greater Anglia trains, who have recently invested in an arsenal of cleaning equipment including Pacvac’s Velo cordless backpack vacuum cleaners.  

“We’re confident that all of it – the Pacvac’s cordless cleaners, fogging guns, testing equipment and of course extra cleaners will help us to keep our trains clean and disinfected.”  

The company’s train cleaners can wear the lightweight cordless backpack vacuums to quickly clean trains between journeys, giving floors and upholstery a thorough clean with no cords to spread contaminated particles as they drag on the floor.  

Pacvac’s executive director Donna Rothwell commends Greater Anglia on their high-level cleaning initiative in these unprecedented times. 

“Being cordless and so compact, Velo gives cleaners complete maneuverability to clean quickly and to get into those hard to clean spaces, like under seats and on luggage racks on board with Greater Anglia” Rothwell says. 

The compact machine only weights 4.6kg, making it highly maneuverable and increasing productivity so more time can be allocated to other Covid cleaning measures like fogging and wiping of “high touch” areas.  

“Greater Anglia are lowering the risk of exposure for their cleaning staff too,” says Rothwell, commenting on the increased productivity of cordless battery backpack vacuums. 

“Which is incredibly responsible in the current climate.” 

The UK’s Rail Safety and Standards Board has calculated the risk of contracting the virus during a one-hour train trip as one in 11,000, and it’s no surprise with companies like Greater Anglia’s doing all they can to make public transport as safe as possible. 

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