Superpro 700

Superpro 700

The original backpack vacuum! A backpack vacuum provides the user with freedom and strong suction power to deliver high productivity and a deep clean for large scale commercial environments, making it the number one choice for commercial cleaners.


This vacuum includes a HEPA rated Hypercone™ filter, delivering cleaner air, and a premium motor to provide strong suction power to tackle your daily vacuuming tasks.

We want you to be comfortable when you wear your backpack vacuum, so we partnered with leading ergonomists to create a lightweight body moulded frame and an extra comfy harness with thick padding in all the right places.

We’ve also fitted it with an 18m long cord so that you can complete your vacuuming without having to switch powerpoints so frequently.

*Superpro 700 comes with five disposable paper cone dust bags and two reusable SMS cone dust bags in the box.

Superpro 700

Designed in Australia

Professional and household friendly

Trusted by 1,500+ companies

Reliability recognised in 20+ countries

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum motor
    1000W 2-stage flow through
  • Power source
    Mains, 18m power cord
  • Noise level (at 1.5m)
  • Filtration
    4-stage filtration with HEPA rated Hypercone™ filter
  • Volumetric airflow (max.)
  • Capacity
  • Weight
    5.2kg (excluding power cord and hose assembly)
  • Warranty
    2 years on body and motor


Customer reviews

Daryl Verified buyer
1 month ago

Very good service and machine works very well no regrets

Min Verified buyer
1 month ago

Good product for my cleaning business

The machine is not too heavy and helps me complete tasks efficiently. Highly recommend to everyone.

Carolina Verified buyer
3 months ago


simply wonderful and practical in use, it helps a lot to hurt my spine, and I use it professionally, I highly recommend it.

Helen Verified buyer
3 months ago

Very Good quality

always reliable & last well

Anonymous Verified buyer
3 months ago

Best vacuum ever

Solid, great suction, really great at getting hairs out of the carpet. Super easy to clean and change bag. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase.

Melissa Verified buyer
6 months ago

In love with it!

OMG AMAZING! Best vacuum ever. Suction is amazing and the weight and harness makes it so easy to use. The large dust capacity allows less emptying which means more productivity

Amila Verified buyer
10 months ago

Working with vacuum

It is working very well and easy to maintain.

JOHN Verified buyer
10 months ago

Super Vac

For years my wife used an old supervac which got put out with the rubbish at a primary school because they renew them after so many still worked well, but we decided to get the new one and they haven't changed much which proves "when your'e on a good thing, stick to it". THANKS for a great VAC.

Anonymous Verified buyer
10 months ago


I been working with it, better than regular vacums

Annemarie Verified buyer
10 months ago

Vacumme bags

Hi just wondering can we order the white disposable bags to fit the vac back from you, Because they seem to cost a lot more to but out here. They work out to nearly $1.30 per bag. They come in packs of 10s. Per bag thanks Annie. Aces High Cleaning Service

Shane Verified buyer
10 months ago

Excellent, light and powerfull

It's an awesome product which gives you much more freedom from dragging a floor vac around and forever changing power points as you run out of cord. The Superpro has a long cord which enables us to complete the entire 1st floor of our house without changing power points. The unit is lightweight whilst having great suction on both wooden and carpeted floors. I just have to remember that i have a unit on my back when turning around in a narrow hallway.

Anonymous Verified buyer
11 months ago

I am happy and enjoying using it.

First time using it

Judith Verified buyer
11 months ago

Super reliable, easy to maintain workhorse.

Love this vacuum. Great suction, very easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. Have owned two before - one sold with business, second given away to friend, happy to buy my third!

Jade Verified buyer
11 months ago

Why would you buy a stickvac?

This vacuum is what a vacuum should be. Stick vacuums have gained popularity but what are they using for? 2cm's of floor space? If you can use a backpack vac, then use this one. Will clean a good size house in one go without having to 'charge', long cord, easy use stick & attachments & awesome sucking power. So long stick vac! I've found a new man.

Jade Verified buyer
11 months ago

Great vac, easy to use.

Easy to get around. Not too heavy. Good suction. Using for my cleaning business.

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