Benefits of canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are a popular cleaning tool used in many households and commercial spaces across Australia. A canister vacuum cleaner consists of a motor and a dustbin, which are housed in separate units; the dustbin is connected to the motor by a hose, and the user can move the dustbin around on wheels while using the hose and cleaning head as they complete their cleaning tasks.

Canister vacuum cleaners are used by everyone from homeowners and business owners through to professional cleaners. They are particularly popular among those who have a lot of hard floors or stairs to clean, as the portable design allows for relatively easy maneuverability. In the domestic market canister vacuums are popular among pet owners for picking up and effectively containing pesky pet hair.

One of the primary benefits of using a canister vacuum cleaner is their portability. Unlike upright vacuums, which are bulky and can be difficult to pick up and maneuver, canister vacuums are compact and easier to move around. This makes them ideal for cleaning around furniture and small hard to reach spaces.

Canister vacuum cleaners are known for their powerful suction. Because the motor is separate from the dustbin, the suction can be more powerful than that you’ll find in upright vacuums. This means that canister vacuums are more effective at picking up dirt, dust, and debris from carpets and hard floors.

Another benefit of canister vacuum cleaners is their large dustbin capacity. A separate dustbin and motor means that the dustbin can be larger than the dustbin on an upright vacuum. This keeps the user cleaning for longer with less time spent frequently emptying the dustbin.

Canister vacuums are compact, lightweight and easier to carry up and down stairs than traditional upright vacuum cleaners This makes them a popular choice for those who have multi-level homes or businesses to clean.

One of the unique advantages of canister vacuum cleaners is their ability to clean delicate surfaces without causing damage. The separate motor and dustbin design allows for more precise control over the suction power, which means that users can adjust the suction to clean delicate surfaces without causing damage.

Wanting to keep the noise down whilst you clean? Canister vacuum cleaners tend to be quieter than upright vacuums as the motor housing is in a separate unit, meaning that noise is often muffled and not as loud as with upright vacuum cleaners.

Canister vacuums are a great choice for users cleaning commercial settings like hotels and offices. Their compact nature allows for cleaning of a variety of surfaces quickly and efficiently, saving time and money for professional cleaners and businesses.

Canister vacuum cleaner technology

Motor longevity

Designed to perform, all of our high quality motors are reliable, and long lasting.

High filtration

Glide wispa 300 is equipped with pre-motor cartridge filter.

Convenient bag system

Machines come standard with a reusable and easy to empty SMS dust bag made with quality material for longevity. Alternatively a disposable paper bag can be used.

Energy/noise reduction

Glide wispa 300 has the ability to reduce energy use by switching to quiet mode, also allowing for quieter vacuuming where required.

Motor protection

Added motor protection with a pressure relief valve to prevent overheating in the event of a blockage.


Full rotation castor wheel design for effortless movement across large areas with an 18m cord.

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