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Which type of vacuum cleaner is the most efficient?

A cordless backpack vacuum will clean more than four times faster than a corded upright or canister vacuum*.

*The Official ISSA 612 Cleaning Times and Tasks; The Worldwide Cleaning Association.

Does higher motor wattage mean better suction?

Not always. As a vacuum fills with dust it is its ability to maintain airflow which will ensure good suction. Wattage of a vacuum is irrelevant if a vacuum does not have good airflow.

This will impact its ability to provide good suction.

Do I need to wear the hip-band on the backpack?

For select models including the Superpro range, and the Thrift 650, we recommend using the hip-band on the backpack.

The hip-band should sit comfortably on your hips, taking 90% of the weight of the backpack, because this is the strongest part of your body; the lower back, core and abdominal muscles.

Pulling the shoulder straps too tight will transfer the weight and pressure of the machine onto your shoulders and neck.

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Do Pacvac vacuums comply with electrical standards?

Pacvac products comply to IEC 60335.2.2 or IEC60335.2.69 standards for electrical safety (for AU/NZ, EU and UK).

How long is the warranty?

2 years on the body and motor (excludes consumable parts). 1 year on the battery and charger.

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How often should I service my machine and replace the dust bag / filter?

Depending on use, a service should be carried out once a year (if regular use) and bag / filter changed every 6 months.

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Can backpack vacuums be used without any bags?

The reusable dust bag is mandatory for usage, however the paper dust bag is optional, adding another layer of filtration.

What is the benefit of a brushless motor?

The brushless motor offers several benefits:

  • Higher output efficiency.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Increased reliability and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Reduced operational and mechanical noise.
  • Longer lifespan (no brush and commutator erosion).

All of which, result in superior power, enhanced performance, longer motor life and durability. 

How should I wear a backpack vacuum?

In preparation of wearing the machine, follow these simple principles:

  • Rotate the dome lid to suit left or right-handed vacuuming.
  • Loosen the length of the shoulder straps as required.
  • Lift the backpack by one shoulder strap and slide your free arm into the other strap.
  • Tighten the hip-band by crossing one side over the other. The machine should rest comfortably on your hips.
  • Pull down on the shoulder straps until you feel it’s a comfortable fit, resting snuggly against your back.
  • Adjust the position of the chest strap to suit and close to secure.

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My backpack is not working / has no or poor suction?

There are some routine checks that you can do to fix this:

  • Check if the Hypercone dust bag is full. If it is, remove, empty and clean.
  • Check if the Hypercone dust bag is installed correctly. Make sure that the rubber edging is fitted properly to the canister.
  • Check if the hose is installed correctly; disconnect and reconnect to make sure that it's correctly sealed.
  • Check for blockages; remove the hose, wand and floor tools to release any lodged debris and dust.
  • Check if the filter is blocked; remove the filter and external motor filter by tapping gently to remove excess debris and dust.

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Safety & maintenance checks

This machine is intended for the vacuuming of dry dust and/or small debris off dry carpeted or hard floor surfaces in indoor areas only and should always be used with a dust bag and filters in place.

Regular checks

To ensure your safety and optimise the output of your machine. We recommend the following safety and maintenance tasks before every use.

  • Remove, empty, and clean the reusable dust bag.
  • Clean the filter by turning it anti-clockwise to unlock and remove, then tap gently to release fine dust.
  • Check the power cord for cuts, abrasions and exposed wiring to ensure it is safe to use. Always wind up the power cord from the machine end to reduce tangles.
  • Check the floor tool, wand, handpiece and hose for any obstructions. The best way to check the hose is to drop a coin through one end, if it doesn’t fall through, it’s likely that you have an obstruction.
Routine checks

We recommend the following regular safety and maintenance tasks:

  • Clean the external motor filter by placing a finger on each side of the foam and cage towards the back and pull up.
  • Remove and shake excess dirt and debris to clean thoroughly.
  • Check the condition of the short lead holder, cord restraint and extension fastener strap.
  • For any repair or servicing requirements, visit our website to locate your nearest authorised Service & Warranty Agent.

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Are Pacvac products Australian made?

Pacvac is an Australian manufacturer; our products are designed and engineered in Australia, and assembled in China from the highest quality local and imported parts.

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